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Xbox one x

Discussion in 'Gaymers' started by Katy Dibbern, Aug 9, 2019.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Katy Dibbern

    Katy Dibbern Lurker

    Aug 9, 2019
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    Just gone and got myself an Xbox one x. I haven't had a console in over 15 years so hope I made the right choice.
    Has anyone got any recommendations on games? I'm not really a shoot erm up type of person. I prefer racing game, car or bike. And things like spyro. I was also looking and the game that's a bit like animal crossing forgotten it's name!

  2. Funk Pirate

    Funk Pirate The poly, naughty bi-trans futa ^^ happy to chat
    Moderator Beloved Member

    Mar 15, 2019
    Norfolk, England
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    Hi Katy ^^

    An Xbox is a good choice, then again they are all good in this day and age :D 

    But in terms of racers, the xbox has Forza, so that's a very solid choice if you like more real life sim drivers. In fact its probably the best racer out there at the moment. Unless you like kart racers xD so Mario kart would have been my choice there.

    You can also get Trials for the xbox which is like a bike balancing game, named after the same real sport.

    The Spyro trilogy was also re released on xbox at the end of last year and I think Banjo kazooie was also re released fairly recently too.

    That's a few ideas for you ^^

  3. alex_writes

    alex_writes Greenhorn
    Beloved Member

    Jul 21, 2019
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    Congratulations! You could not have picked a better console to get back in with, it has backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games so you have access to almost everything important released since you last had a console. (Except PS3/PS4/Nintendo exclusives of course.) And I’m saying this as a non-Xbox-owner.

    When I got back to consoles after a lapse some years ago, I waited for a big sale and just went absolutely hog wild. There were classics for £3 and at that price I was able to just take risks on things.

    Yooka Laylee is a tribute to Banjo Kazooie that was quite well received, not played it yet though.

    Have you not played PC games in that time either, out of curiosity?

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