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Transsexual What is "Real Life Experience"

Discussion in 'Transsexual' started by secret, Nov 4, 2019.  |  Print Topic

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  1. secret

    secret Greenhorn
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    Oct 28, 2019
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    Hello, can i ask what is "real life experience"? I don't wanna be a men who with makeup and walking in the street. Yes i do makeup or etc.. When i was alone in the home. I just wanna be "natural". Not a men who with makeup. When i do less makeup i think i can look like girls. I never want to exaggerate makeup. And so. What is real life experience? Do i need to makeup, polish my nails or do things like this and go to street? I don't wanna everyone to know me as a trans before i start hormones.
  2. AwkwardMartian

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    It's when you present full time as your prefered gender to make sure you really want to take a certain steps in a medical transition.
    I don't know how all countries do it, but in the us it is usually required before you're allowed to get srs/grs. Sometimes it's required for other surgeries too and sometimes for hormones(depending on your therapist).

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