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What am I?

Discussion in 'Asexual & Grey-Ace' started by Domiflock, Oct 10, 2020.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Domiflock

    Domiflock Lurker

    Oct 10, 2020
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    Good afternoon! I have a problem. I don't even know what I'm exactly but what I know is that in a sexual intercourse I love to give pleasure in any kind it could be, to a girl, but when it comes to receiving pleasure, be that manual, oral, from a gril, I simply hate it so much that I'm getting to be so violent or getting to have no desire for smth sexual afterwards. I've been searching in so many sites over sexual orientation, and I found smth that suits to me so well, it calls Placiosexuality ( loving to give pleasure but feeling no desire to receive any pleasure from a girl). When I was with a girl and I saw her wanting to touch me below the belt, I told her " don't go there, I'll never be gonna like you or want to do smth with you", and she felt so wrong she thought she did smth bad, but I told her that is not her fault, but I hate to see a woman going down there. That, for me, seems to be humble, so ugly, so masculine, smth that I'd like to receive or to see coming from a guy if necessary, but never from a girl. Touching by a girl strictly down there makes her so masculine, so rude, so brutal, aggressive, humble for each others which I hate the most at a woman ( I hate the masculine and dominating behaviour at a woman, That's why i wanna be with a woman cause I'm looking for smth different that I don't find at me = feminism. And my intimate region is mine, and if it is the case to be touched by someone in a sexual way, I would be reluctant no matter what woman will be. Instead of being touched by woman I prefer a guy touching me even if I don't like guys.

    Question: 1). Why do I like to give pleasure to a woman but I hate receiving pleasure from her. 2). And any woman will be so sad or upset if her boyfriend doesn't want to be dominated by her, or touched or smth else done in the intimate area of his body ( below the belt, so we say )? 3). Why do I like to be touched or to receive smth from a guy, if necessary cause I could live without it of course.
  2. Berk

    Berk Greenhorn
    Beloved Member

    Jun 23, 2020
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    Unfortunately I think those questions can only be answered by a psychologist involved in the psychology behind sexuality, kinda requires more knowledge than the average human. Maybe find a good doc who you can talk to about your orientation
    I think people feel obligated to “repay” the act to their partner because that’s just how society expects, so they may think there’s something wrong with them if the other does not want to get anything back from them

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