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trans boy poem

Discussion in 'Transgender' started by bowtiesandbois, Jan 10, 2019.  |  Print Topic

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  1. bowtiesandbois
    Beer Lover

    bowtiesandbois !!! cavetown !!!
    Beloved Member

    Oct 10, 2018
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    Hi. I just made a little poem about being a trans guy (don't worry, it's actually not depressing.) and I wanted to share it.

    Here goes:
    by fynn

    If I could shape-shift
    I'd be a boy
    and i'd go shirtless everywhere
    i'd work out and get sweaty after going for a run
    i'd sit in my boxers and watch television late at night
    i'd have a girlfriend i loved who loved me too
    if i could shape-shift
    i'd be a boy
    i'd be me
    i'd be free

    just a few of my thoughts. I kind of liked it, so i thought i could share it.
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  2. SwordArts

    SwordArts Well-Known Advisor
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    Jun 22, 2016
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    Nice. I also have a poem about being trans (and autistic) - basically about being different.

    Being Different
    by Reuben

    I’ve always been different
    Sometimes I feel like an alien visitor.
    People stare at me as if I am strange
    And I watch but never understand.
    Other times it is like I am invisible,
    A ghost moving around but not really there.

    I’ve always been different
    I am seen by society as a burden and a freak.
    I shouldn’t exist but I do.

    I’ve always been different
    But for those who stop and talk the real me emerges.

    I don’t care that I am different.
    I am proud to be me
    And not change for other people.

    I will always be different
    But being different doesn’t mean being less.

    And for anyone interested, I have a spoken word version of it:
  3. Jo A

    Jo A Addictive Advisor
    Premium Supporter Beloved Member

    Nov 22, 2018
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    Thank you both.

    Embracing ones self and learning to love that self kind of brightens the world around us.

    Again - Thank you
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  4. Cyan13

    Cyan13 shostakovich hates me
    Beloved Member

    Apr 26, 2017
    Planet Earth
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    dope, i have written a ton of "trans" poems but here's one (it's for spoken word) that i'm really proud of:

    health class hated me
    by r. e. hart

    im not a good liar
    let that first be established i
    still remember little-girl
    confusion and it infuses
    every late night my memories
    are inscribed in each
    illegal website health class
    hated me.
    taught me nothing except
    my body could never be
    right create only poor
    imitations of what was real and
    what i needed male anatomy
    homework was crushed in the air before
    my fingers every telephone
    pole i pounded is stamped with mr
    lores scooby doo impressions and
    i still cant be found in my own
    damn head. girls lunch in fifth
    grade has taken over my
    love for that damn teacher i broke
    my fingers on the realisation
    that the senseless border could
    not be crossed ive never since played
    piano quite the same.
    health class
    hated me remember it robbed my
    innocence of its thoughtless
    ideology take me back to fifth grade
    i need to redo everything starting
    with myself perfect body perfect
    mind perfect perfect perfect im
    not perfect lacking common
    sense at least im not confused
    anymore eleven year old in me
    left youtubes so-called educational
    videos behind her i guess she
    never really existed eleven-year-
    old girl would be shocked at this
    boy and his knowledge im so fucking
    health class hated me and
    picked me up and tried to eat me
    alive and that monstrous tongue
    that couldnt stand me that spit me
    out it still appears in my nightmares
    health class hated me my sharp ruler
    body no surprises there its not
    so ruler anymore health class hated
    me and now it has become me glued
    to the edges of my consciousness if
    i remember correctly i had an
    a+ in that class.
    im not very good at lying but im
    even worse at telling the truth
    i guess ill go beat up some more
    telephone poles.

    y'all's stuff is really good btw
  5. bowtiesandbois
    Beer Lover

    bowtiesandbois !!! cavetown !!!
    Beloved Member

    Oct 10, 2018
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    wow this is so good i love it. it really describes being trans some days.
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