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Signs that your friend has feelings for you

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Destinyzacon191, Jan 7, 2017.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Destinyzacon191

    Oct 9, 2016
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    This is a thread where you post some signs you would see if a friend of the same sex could possibly have different feelings for you. This thread will help me out, and will no doubt help others out too. What are some things she might do that makes you believe she likes you in a different way?Put your thoughts below :) 
  2. Feverwood

    Feverwood Curious Explorer
    Beloved Member

    Jun 11, 2015
    Grande Prairie
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    She always is touching you

    She always finds a reason to show up just to hang out.

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  3. purplehugs34

    purplehugs34 lil Skeleton
    Beloved Member

    Feb 4, 2016
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    -Wants to sit close to you all the time
    -she stares at you a lot
  4. oreocookies

    oreocookies Lurker

    Dec 21, 2016
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    I'm currently questioning my sexuality because I think I have a crush on a girl (she's pan lol thank god), and here's a list of things I tend to do around her, so if she does these to you there's a chance she might like you.

    Trying to touch you- mostly hair, hands, clothes etc.
    Sitting next to you even if she has other friends there
    Always acting happy around you, has a sparkle in her eye.
    Compliments you or teases you a lot
    Talks to you a lot, goes out of her way to talk to you
    Has she tried to find your views on LGBT?
    Do you know if she is queer, has she tried to subtly tell you? I mean, this is kinda important, but is she straight?
    You catch her staring at you from across the room

    Does she act differently around you to others? As in, does she do these things^^^ around everyone else? Or, say, does she usually keeps to herself around others but around you she's very touchy-feely, or is she usually very kinda bored or sad but around you she's always happy? If she acts differently around you that's a sign she likes you.
    You can also find websites with more signs if you google it, or take a 'does she like me quiz for lesbians/bi/pan'.

    Hope this helps!

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