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Realization that changed my perspective on my worth regarding love?

Discussion in 'Self Esteem/Self Worth' started by Hatelove, Feb 16, 2020.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Hatelove

    Hatelove Well-Known Contributor
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    Mar 25, 2016
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    I wanted to share this, I do not know if it will be helpful or not
    I have been single for a long time, I had many chances to get closer to women and I chickened out. I thought that it might be shyness, or other reasons.
    Then I did soul searching and I realized two things:
    First my whole life I surrounded myself with toxic people who fed on my energy and care while took me for granted and made me feel less than them just to keep me around
    second I was ashamed from my own life and past and felt disconnected I was worried to show who I am and talk about my life to potential love interests in fear that they would leave me

    I just realized that if fear is holding me back to find a love interest then I am doing it the wrong way. If someone truly want to be part of my life, to share love and loyalty with me they would accept for who I am and wont change me to fit what they want
    If someone is going to judge me because of my life choices or my past then they should not be part of my life in the first place
    I realized that I am not less than love interests, in fact I have a lot to offer thats why toxic people can't let me go. If I am willing to accept someone for who they are, their past, present and future and stick with them providing love, care and LOYALTY then I DESERVE the same in return. Its not about quantity its about quality. I would rather wait for the right person instead of giving my energy and care away for people who would not make an effort to understand me or get to know me as a person.
    When I had this realization now I look at my love life in a complete different perspective, that actually gives me confidence and an advantage instead of feeling unworthy or on disadvantage the whole time.
    I needed to share this because I have read many threads including my own, questioning if love interests would accept this or that about us, we should know if they wont then they were not worthy of a relationship with us in the first place.

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Thread Status:
This thread is more than 365 days old.

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