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Queer lesbians?

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Teaffa, Jul 11, 2018.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Teaffa

    Teaffa Hot Cookie
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    Jul 2, 2018
    South Carolina
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    I watched a video from stevie last night Titled Transwomen are women, in it she mentioned a movement happening in the community with people making a separation between Queer lesbians and "real?' lesbians, or something like that. but basically a group of people tried to hold up or stop pride parade in London because of transgender identifying lesbians. I'm newly out and still look and sound like a man at the moment. I there are 2 pride events coming to my area in a couple months and i'm planning on going and being my self publicly for the first time...

    i'm still going. i guess I'm wondering how wide spread the anti Trans sentiment is in the community. I know i have to face a lot of discrimination coming out, it is a heated subject for so many and I have a lot of evangelical Christian friend that will not understand what i mean when i tell them who i am.

    P.S, maybe i should mention that i am having a bad flair up with my GAD and depression today. I love you guys, and i promise I'm not a guy trying to be a lesbian. I hate that i was born with my body. I get very uncomfortable in groups of men. I knew i wanted to be a girl when i was a toddler, just denied it for years. I Really wish all people were good people and could just so love to everyone else.

    I know that i am privileged especial since most people i meet still think i am cis male. It breaks my heart to know that many of you face much harder situations then me. I love you guys. and know that I think you are all amazing people. even the people that wont accept me.

    sorry this got ranty I'm gonna stop now.

    Love Teaffa

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