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Pixie Poodle introducing myself - all pretend of course

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Pixie Poodle, Jul 11, 2019 at 11:06 AM.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Pixie Poodle

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    I know we need to introduce ourselves, but I am grateful we can keep our particulars private. * I accept all responsibility for wrong use of present, past, and future tense.
    Imagine I'm a time traveler and arrived in the United States in 1981. I had tried the 40's and 60's previously but decided, for different reasons that it was too dangerous to hang around for very long. Remember, I said imagine. If I said it was true then everybody would want to lock me away.
    So here I was wandering around watching and learning, thinking this could be a time to settle down and do long term research. It was a shock. A few more immersive days proved this could not be done. The prevailing atmosphere was just uncomfortable. In general people pretended what was wrong was right. It wasn't really hidden or below the surface. It was just out there as normal.
    I could act, talk, and dress appearing to belong in most places or at least not look as if I didn't belong. That wasn't good enough. The fault was my own expectations. I thought the 80s were better than this.
    Being black, born out of country, or a woman, or gay (that one word was sufficient to cover the gamut), or visibly poor could still get you abused or killed if you happen to stray into certain territories.
    You argue that was always true? Okay you're right. The difference is that the percentage of places or land masses where this was true was still too damn large in the 1980s and that's just the USA. Long term residency (months and months) would be unmanageable unless you were conspicuously a white straight male. There is nothing wrong with that. It was just too limiting in the long run and it really does take a lot of effort even if you are a straight white male.
    I'm only talking about the United States of America. I've never been good at languages. Here at least I can travel for hundreds if not thousands of miles and fit right in while only being able to speak English. Just try that in Europe. I don't recommend it, at least not if your goal is to do quiet research in as many places as possible. Full disclosure; I can only fluently understand English as well. My spouse might argue the 'understand' part. My spouse is not with me as I do this. I am heading back when this is over. We don't have problems; for the time being, we just happen to have different jobs at different locations.
    Back to imagining being a time traveler. I'm in the early 2000s. It's glorious. Things are not perfect. The world is a mess, as usual, but in the United States of America being black, born out of country, or a woman, or LBGTQ (gay as one word is now insufficient), or visibly poor is less likely to get you abused or killed unless you happen to stray into now even smaller particular areas; but still always true. There is not a green book big enough to cover all of reality on this planet, but Hey! lets stick with what we've got. Life is not bad then even if it is not as great as the history books say it was.
    Okay, I hate to do it but one more jump takes us to your (and my) present day: July 2019. My god! I definitely don't recommend anybody do that. The United States of America is a Reality Show, and not the good kind where there is a car behind curtain number 3.
    All that tolerance and good will and progress you thought was real, back in the early 2000s, has been revealed to be tattered gauze. The hate, prejudice and discrimination you thought was gone or at least truly dying off has been proven to have only been hiding. It was way closer to the surface than most people thought. Now it has come out of the shadows and proclaimed true intentions knowing that any criticism is ineffectual when every day evidence proves the shameless cannot be shamed.
    I am having a hard time convincing myself that the 'good' thing is that they've exposed themselves so it is plain for all to see who they are. Not all of them have spoken up of course, but enough now so the rest of us have no excuse for pretending again that they really went away. For god's sake don't forget that when they run hide again in less than a year and a half. Don't breathe too easy just because I said what is going to happen. Don't forget; this is pretending and I don't want to be put away. And oh yeah, it is still going to be an uphill battle.
    So, this is the time I have decided to settle down in and do long term research. I am grateful to have found places (forums) to drop in on and even be allowed to comment in. In this time period that is a privilege. In the future that will not be possible; forums yes, privacy rights not so much. Nobody could accuse me of revealing the future by saying that.
    Anyway, nothing I learn here will be of benefit to you people. You people refers to all of you who will only live a linear life. Records from a few years ago till a few years from now are going to get muddled. That is the problem when things become more digital and less hard copy. We will learn better, I assure you of that. In the meantime so of us had to come back so we could fill in the blanks.
    If I were to say that two generations from now the premature feelings of the early 2000s about hate, prejudice and discrimination being gone at least this time will be closer to true, and truly dying off. Again no one would accuse me of revealing the future. They might say I was hopeful. Can you imagine filling out a form where is no place for sex or gender? That is what I would call hopeful.
    On the other hand if I were to say that just a little later than that, off world aliens will undeniably be proven to be real, that would be another matter. Even so they won't be landing soon, just talking to us. It will be a game changer. The world finally starts to unite and advance beyond the hate, prejudice and discrimination seen for thousands of years. Mostly a good thing even if it does shift the focus to little green men. They're gray actually. So I heard.
    Glad I'm allowed to be here.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome and peace

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