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Pain after anal play

Discussion in 'Gay' started by Being., Sep 7, 2018.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Being.
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    Being. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Sep 18, 2016
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    So I don't know what's up.
    But most times after I have a great anal session I'll get really sore tight and cramped groin muscles and testicles.
    Is this normal?
    It's sort of like that pain I was having a few months ago if anyone remembers that, but not as bad. And now that I think of it, that pain only started after I used a massive dildo. So now I'm worrying that I've ruined something "up there" or that I just can't do anal. Or maybe I did have an injury but anal damages those muscles somehow?
    I was squatting the other night just while taking some photos and the next day it really really hurt.
    But last night I was having some fun and now today all through my right side hurts and it didn't before.
    So now I'm worried I can't even be gay and enjoy anal stuff.
    Send help.
  2. angel70

    angel70 The Old Guy
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    Apr 9, 2016
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    If you're feeling muscle pains, I guess that larger dildo got you flexing some muscles you never used quite so strenuously before. If you were a runner getting leg cramps, people would advise you to do more stretching and warmup before you started. I imagine that same advice might apply in your situation -- but you might have to figure out the stretching exercises on your own, unless you can find a really specialized training manual.
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