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My first poem in English

Discussion in 'Artists and Art' started by drunkendreams, Nov 22, 2019.  |  Print Topic

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  1. drunkendreams

    drunkendreams Greenhorn
    Beloved Member

    Nov 16, 2019
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    We live in a society

    of unheard cries and pleas

    where human prejudice

    roots deeper than trees.

    When I turn on the news

    or enter history class

    I am more and more convinced

    that change will never last.

    The government has been

    and will always be the same -

    it hides behind ideas

    and cares just for the gain.

    The left uses our compassion,

    the right - our common sense

    and the lies they wrap us in

    are eloquent and immense.

    We have some simple wishes -

    to live equal, safe and free

    on a planet that’s unharmed…

    But that’s too much, you see.

    They want to keep their privilege

    above the “broken” ones.

    “Black lives mater”’s just a trend for them.

    Love is love? They have no hearts.

    They will suck the oil from Earth, until

    they choke to death on it.

    They will overwork the poor ones, till

    they’ve fed up with that shit.

    We live in a society…

    so I hide myself and bend.

    But my conscience is rebelling.

    How long can it withstand?

    My very first serious poem in English! Yaaay!


    My conservative dad, with whom I usually disagree on political topics, read this poem and asked me a simple question that really made me think…

    He asked me what would I do if I was the prime minister. This took me unprepared. Of course, I had some ideas:

    - to improve the education and make it even freer (also allow the students to choose profiles)

    - to make the pensions bigger (in my country, some old people who have worked hard an ordinary job, usually in the villages, live in misery)

    - tax the small percent of richest people who can still live perfectly if they pay 10-20% more than the others.

    - allow same-sex marriage. It would help with the already overpopulated Earth and with all the kids in orphanages.

    And then I had no more ideas. Economics? Campaigns? Public opinion? What’s this? I realized that I’m the same with politics as with writing: I’m relatively new to both but hurry to review and critique every book and blame everything on the government.

    So, to every good-intentional politician, journalist, lawyer or all the people who work in that field: Though the majority ain’t like you, I appreciate you because your job sucks - being responsible for so many. In 10ish years I’ll be joining you. I’m almost sure what to study - social science and journalism. Yes, the environment is toxic sometimes and the job requires being a public figure. How will the socially anxious, unconfident kid who falls apart at every critique do? I have no idea. But she’ll try.

    And this is from me guys. I wasn´t sure where to post it because though it´s a poem, it deals with some political issues and I also got worked up with the ranting...
    Buut anyways! Hope y´all like it!
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  2. Corvus

    Corvus Agender chatterbox
    Premium Supporter Beloved Member

    Oct 16, 2019
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    Very well done! You say it's your first poem in English...does that mean you've written poems before? If so, what language were they in? I can't write in any language other than English, not even my mother language...English has become my "emotional language" so if I try to write in any other language it just doesn't come out right...
  3. drunkendreams

    drunkendreams Greenhorn
    Beloved Member

    Nov 16, 2019
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    My mother language is Bulgarian and I write lots of poems and yet to be finished stories in it.
    I´ve heard of some cases like yours, and it´s understandable.

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