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Information about Going No Contact

Discussion in 'Dealing with Narcissistic People' started by Thief King Bakura, Nov 8, 2019.  |  Print Topic

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    When coming out of a relationship with a narc or any other toxic individual, it can be hard to get yourself back on track. Should you go no contact with this toxic individual or narc? That depends on the situation and is up to the individual as a whole. All I can do is provide some info on what No contact is.

    Sometimes in a relationship when you have been emotional, psychologically, mentally and even sometimes physically abused, you may consider going no contact with that individual. What is going no contact? Going no contact means cutting off contact with a toxic individual. For example: cutting them off by blocking their calls on your phone, blocking them on any social medias you have in common with the narcissist, no longer visiting or spending them, basically you are making the decision to cut them out of your life.

    This can be an often difficult process, especially if the narc or toxic person is somebody in your own family. Even cutting off somebody you've been in an intimate relationship after you find out you've been being gaslit and emotionally, mentally, and spiritually abused by this narc. Gaslighting is a form of manipulation in which the narc or toxic individual in question makes you question your own reality. It is a dangerous form of manipulation that can make one think they're crazy even though they are in the right.

    Here's a video with more information about No contact that can explain it in better detail.

    (Video by theRoyalWe on Youtube, a great resource of information on Narc Abuse and how to heal from Narc abuse and toxic relationships)

    I found this great article that also explains what No Contact is and how to go NC. It is a very difficult process as I can tell you from experience. I honestly have had relapses with getting back on Social media, getting back in contact with my narc mother with the naive hope that she would look at me differently or we could work things out. I miss her because she is my mother, but I don't miss the toxicity, manipulations, and guilt she has put me through over 20+ years. I'm not here to go over that but using myself as an example that I have been having trouble with NC myself and struggling to find a way to break free. It really does take a long time to heal.

    Don't look at going NC as a way to get revenge. Instead, look at it as a way of breaking free, the first step of breaking free of a toxic relationship, and taking a step forward to heal. It will take a long time to heal, grieve the loss of the person that you went NC with, and get more clarity with yourself. This is an arduous journey but not an impossible one. Again, I am still working on myself and I will be typing a post up that will be talking about my recent struggles with limited contact with my father but this isn't the place here.

    In conclusion, the decision to go no contact is up to you. It is something to consider if you are tired of the poisonous and toxic bullshit of dealing with toxic people. It isn't worth it to put yourself in danger a second longer. If you're not in a place where going no contact is impossible at the moment, do your best to seek outside sources and find people that you trust you can talk to. It is important to stay safe and remember to take time to grow and love yourself. Hope this is helpful to somebody out here.

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