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Gay How did you meet your boyfriend?

Discussion in 'Gay' started by AimizuK, Mar 24, 2020.  |  Print Topic

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  1. AimizuK

    AimizuK Curious Explorer
    Beloved Member

    May 27, 2019
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    Hello people.

    The question is pretty easy. How did you meet your actual boyfriend and your EXs?
    How did you get a gay partner?

    I am finding someone to love but I guess it is not very easy.

    Did you look for it intentionally or was it a casuality? Did you use apps?
    I use some Gay apps like Grindr but sometimes I feel its not what Im looking for...
  2. The hornet

    The hornet Lurker

    Mar 24, 2020
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    Hey I met my bf just from using a pretty mainstream online dating app called pof or plenty of fish.

    However I am not suggesting that this is an ideal way to make contact. It's free to join and then pushed and pushed you to spend money to unlock different parts of it.

    I did meet a lovely guy though, but feel that this has been more down to luck than anything else. Good luck bro x
  3. john1010101
    Old Hag

    Supporter Beloved Member

    Aug 11, 2017
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    Boyfriend? Well my last lover was too old to call a boy. Anyway, I met him under stange circumstances. As a volunteer for the Victorian Aids Council in the early days of the epidemic I was assigned to a residence for HIV clients as the general repairman/carpenter/gardener etc.
    Day one there I fell madly in love with one of the residents and he with me.
    The social worker assigned to the house reported me for becoming 'involved with a client’.(Officious prick - I got back at him in the end big time) My new lover and I made an appointment to see the AIDS Council psychologist and upon threatening to go to the media with our story were told there was nothing they could do to prevent us being a couple.
    My lover moved into my house where he eventually died.
    Decades later I’ve only had casual affairs but I’m not complaining.
  4. CreepedOut

    CreepedOut Sparkling
    Beloved Member

    Jun 3, 2019
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    We kinda met, cause I was always texting with a friend of him, who thought I was attractive.
    Shortly, I noticed that guy just wanted to special hug me. Ahem.
    My now-bf texted me one time, something like "Oh, you also know *that person*?"
    We started texting a lil. Later, we noticed we both liked some same games and started playing together. Spoke everyday via discord, had our lil stardew valley servers and stuff. It started to be an awesome friendship.
    After some time, we talked like all the time. Whenever I was some spare time, even in his and my breaks at work, we spoke one the phone.
    Eventually, he told me that he texted me cause he thought I was kinda cute and he liked my status posts on some social media.
    And that by now, he actually liked me very very much.
    After that, we finally met for the first time (he sadly lives in a different city tho).
    He came over for the weekend and we ended up talking like we knew each other for years. It was awesome. We ordered pizza, watched some movies and laughed together.
    At some point, when we were standing in my kitchen he looked at me and said something like "frick it" and gave me our first kiss.

    Now, we're talking about maybe getting engaged, when I'm finally able to move to his city. c:
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  5. Westerner

    Westerner Greenhorn

    Apr 14, 2020
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    Met him at a party of a friend. Everyone at the party was gay (I think) we made eye contact and I couldn't hide my attraction he was so hot! What surprised me is he introduced himself and we began talking/flirting. Within an hour we were passionately kissing in my car, the rest is as they say, history.
  6. Doglover44

    Doglover44 Reliable Advisor
    Beloved Member

    Feb 15, 2019
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    Never had a boyfriend but almost had my 1st back in highschool
  7. mjay

    mjay Great Learner
    Beloved Member

    Apr 13, 2020
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    I met my ex in 2003 through a friend and we started heavy texting. It was an LDR but we did meet regularly, he also went to my house and me to his. It lasted until the early part of 2007 wherein i broke up with him THROUGH AN ONLINE GAME lol wow i just had enough of his toxicity that time. Eversince then, i feel aversion towards commitment and never had anybody after him.

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  8. JayR

    JayR Greenhorn
    Beloved Member

    Apr 28, 2020
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    Presently I'm single but I met my last ex bf at my friends' wedding :) 
    he was open and me too so we started all those flirting things almost from the beginning hehe

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