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Gay Help me out of this please

Discussion in 'Gay' started by Doc gay, Oct 1, 2018.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Doc gay

    Doc gay Greenhorn

    Sep 26, 2018
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    hey beautiful people , hope you're doing fine , well i'm a young algerian doctor from algeria ,i'm 26 years old , i'm handsome , very cool , and smart , i'm passionate about technology , videogames music tv shows , movies...etc
    i'm gay , i love men since i was very very young , never been attracted to women , and as you may know ALGERIA is an extremely homophobic country , you'de rather be a thief or a murderer than Gay , your family and friends will reject you , mock you and push your to suicide if they come to know that you're gay , i'm so tired of lying and pretending to be someone else , my friends are getting married , and i'm here lonely asf , my parents keep asking me when i'm planning to get married , because here where i live , if you're 30 years old and not married, people will start to have some doubt about you , i just can't handle the pression anymore , i'm very nice to people , very helpful , i've never done anything wrong , i'm that kind of guy everyone like , none hates me , i never asked to be gay , because being that in a third world country is Hell i swear , so please can anyone helps me get out of this country ? i've met a very nice american guy , who offered me the opportunity to live with him , but i don't know how , how can i live in america legally , and what about jobs ? i can't apply for asylum because i'm not really in danger right now , since none knows i'm gay yet , but it will happen sooner or later and i'm sure gonna commit suicide , so please i'm begging for help , i just want to have a normal life , love and being loved that's all what i'm asking for!
  2. angel70

    angel70 The Old Guy
    Beloved Member

    Apr 9, 2016
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    If you can be licensed in the US, and you're willing to work in an underserved community -- inner city or rural -- you may qualify for an H-1B visa. There are other possibilities if you wish to get additional training -- look here.

    I've met an orthopedist from Georgia (the country) working in the US as a home health aide. I think he began on an H-1B, but now has a green card (resident visa), and is bringing his wife here soon. There are possibilities, but you'll have to explore them.
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