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Transgender Good news + Expenses so far

Discussion in 'Transgender' started by StarSplosion, Sep 18, 2020.  |  Print Topic

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  1. StarSplosion

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    Dec 22, 2019
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    I went to the endocrinologist today and I've got some good news. I can immediately start with my hormone therapy which by her words isn't really how it's usually done.
    There's probably just something wrong with me but in a good way :D 
    Usually you need a letter from your psychiatrist which she did ask for. After a little talk as well as some tests she seemed completely comfortable to start it as is but will contact my psychiatrist in case of future needs.
    I believe the fact that I'm healthy ... healthier than I thought even, both physically and mentally has a lot to do with it. And in case my blood results do show something worrying, she'll immediately contact me by phone and/or mail.
    I'm really happy by how smooth everything went. I was a bit afraid when they took bloodpressure and such since I don't remember a time where it was normal but it was absolutely perfect this time. My veins tend to pop easily as well when I get blood taken ... nothing, it went perfect. I have no other words than perfect :D 

    That aside, for myself as well as others that might be interested I wanted to list my expenses so far.
    However because I don't want to demoralize anyone, since transitioning can be rather expensive, I'll put it in a spoiler.

    Laserhairremoval; beard: €250/session (done 2 so far)
    Psychiatrist: €50/session (only needed 1 ... so far)
    Endocrinologist appointment: €15 (a lot cheaper than I thought)
    Hormone meds: €25 (this for both T-blocker as well as estrogen)

    As you can see, the hairremoval is by far the most expensive. On average a person needs 8-10 sessions to get fully rid of a beard so you could say, save up €2500 to be certain. Not everyone wants or needs to get hair removed by laser!
    The meds are like a once every few months kind of expense. That's not that much. Appointment with endocrinologists are far in between as well, psychiatrist depends on person to person. It's possible that I'll never need to go to my psychiatrist ever again which is a huge expense saved. Just know that they're always there if you need them and you shouldn't hold back when you're not feeling well (mentally).
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