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Friend with extreme emotions?

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Hatelove, Jun 30, 2020 at 7:05 PM.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Hatelove

    Hatelove Reliable Contributor
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    Mar 25, 2016
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    From the moment we met she could not get her eyes off me, we spent two years around each other, we have mutual friends and every single time I would catch her looking at me. Sometimes she would stare me in the eyes while she is talking to others as well not only me. She opened up to our group about her two failed marriages with men and she was so embarrassed about it and how she thinks that her current bf will leave her too.
    We have an age gap and she has a daughter my age and she keeps telling me how she is older than me and that I am he daughters age. ( I am not young im in my late 20s)
    Sometimes she seems like she does not know what to do, her emotions can go either way from being pissed off to being too caring. I do not know why I get those strong emotional reactions from her. She is calm and never lose her cool with out mutual friends. For me, I had my papers thrown at the table, a chair pushed back at me when I gave it to her, got yelled at. Then on the other hand she would act caring way too much. She can know how I feel just by looking at me, she says she misses me when I am not around, she gets worried about me when there is a storm or something like that. She always tell me to get home safe. She almost cried multiples times when I went through tough things in life and hugged me to calm me down and tried to help me even without me asking, she helped me a lot. She tried to find any reason to hug me or cuddle with me. she defended me many times and acted so protective over me. I had some friends telling me that she cares about me and even loves me ( they did not mean real love). One time she even tried to talk about kissing to me in a joking way.
    Why does she have extreme emotions?
  2. Tiassa

    Tiassa Hot Cookie
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    Feb 4, 2020
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    Is she in good relationship with her daughter? How close they are??
    1.maybe she doesn’t know how to reach to all this emotions - something new for her
    2. she doesn’t want to admit that she has feeling for you (she doesn’t know how to control this feeling)
    3. If she and her daughter are not close maybe she found what she wants in you having the loving daughter
    4. Is she nice and carrying when you two are alone?
    Some people act totaly different when they are alone with you or when others are around

    5.There is so many options... maybe the best option for you is to talk about all that with her... just ask why she is so up and down...

    Good luck with searching for the right answer,

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