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Finally, I confirmed that I am an intersex or bigender

Discussion in 'Intersex' started by Ouartzee, Nov 30, 2019.  |  Print Topic

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  1. Ouartzee

    Ouartzee realize bigender today

    Nov 30, 2019
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    When I was a 12 years old child, I was so surprised that I was attracted by some girly stuff. However, things haven't gone wrong.
    On one hand, I was keen on some hidden hobby on the path to be mature. I am always attracted by some Nail polish design and female accessories like panty hoses or leggings. So I collect and dress some female gear. On the other hand, my allure and thinking methods are totally male. I would fall in love with girl and also be straight on sexual behavior.
    Recently ,I am preparing for a Tofel test for entering graduate program. Maybe hidden in a room, my identity sometimes is a man, other time a female. Today, I called an on side service for repairing my distorted nail. I tried the nail polish for the first time, and I have to say I love it. Especially, when I worn a yoga panty with them, I realized that I am a bigender. I want to act like a man and a woman, whomever I want to be.
    Living in a traditional family, I would never tell my relatives I am a bigender. Cause I don't know if they realize it's not a sick just a identity.
  2. Thespis

    Thespis Blithe Spirit
    Premium Supporter Supporter Beloved Member

    Dec 1, 2018
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    Hi Quartzee and welcome to the family. Old cis bi guy speaking. :) 

    Congratulations on discovering that you are bigender!

    However, you are confused about the meaning of "intersex". An intersex person is someone who is physically neither fully male nor female - you'll find a definition of it here:


    "Gender" is what you feel yourself to be - it's a thing of the mind. "Sex" describes the physical sexual characteristics you were born with.

    Hope that helps. :) 
  3. Corvus

    Corvus Agender chatterbox
    Premium Supporter Beloved Member

    Oct 16, 2019
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    Hi and welcome to the family! I'm glad that you're on the right path to discover yourself and you have our full support.
    That being said intersex is a medical term for a very specific set of conditions, so it doesn't mean what you think it means :) 

    (EDIT: Seems like Thespis beat me to it :p )
  4. StarSplosion

    StarSplosion Hot Cookie
    Beloved Member

    Dec 22, 2019
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    Let's start with a ... Hellow :D 

    I sometimes feel a bit similar but I think that's just my non-accepting yet accepting side.
    Me not accepting I feel way more comfortable like a girl and me accepting I don't really have much control over it.
    I was born a boy and I live and still live as a man (to the public eye at least).
    I don't really have much thoughts when it comes to gender besides that I do feel (always have) more comfortable when people see/treat me as a girl.
    Sadly enough ever since puberty hit, that has only happened online.
    Even tho my general behavior/personality is far from the stereotypical male, I look like a guy (sadly so).
    Often I feel like I'm lying to people when they assume I'm a girl, since that happens a lot when I come across people online, and I just go along with it but in a way, I'm not, I just need to accept it fully. That hasn't happened yet.

    Only when I'm home I can be myself a bit more. It's still difficult with my reflection peeking over me every where I go ... maybe I should take down some mirrors and stuff XD

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