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Am I bi

Discussion in 'Bisexual & Pansexual' started by thejuice, Jun 29, 2020.  |  Print Topic

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  1. thejuice

    thejuice Lurker

    Jun 29, 2020
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    So, I've always liked boys right like there has never been a time in my life where I've ever questioned whether I liked boys or not, it's just what comes naturally to me.

    I've always kind of thought that about girls, like felt the need to stare for a second too long, but I've always written it off as like I wanted to be them, like I wanted their boobs to be my boobs. In the past whenever I've tried to think about my sexuality it was almost like no, you can't think about that because if you think about it then you have to deal with it and I wasn't like ready for that? Not that I really think I'm ready now lol, but I'm at that age where I'm not necessarily seeing my parents as much, most of the people I am around are more my generation and are more like liberal and open and stuff, so it's like there's less pressure there if you get what i'm saying

    But like idk though because its not the same for girls and boys? Like I find so many more boys fit than girls and when its a boy I usually think straight away of sex, but with a girl I get less instant attraction, but after I've formed an emotional connection with them its almost the same for both if that makes any sense? It's like the gender still matters, but the emotional bond matters more
  2. Tzap

    Tzap Well-Known Contributor
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    Feb 19, 2020
    Coventry UK
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    I may be wrong, I've only got my own feelings and what I read on here, but it seems most bi do have a differing feeling towards male and female, some romantically want connections others are more physical, and differ to gender.
    Its difficult to put into words, I feel I need an emotional and physical attraction towards men, but can't see a romantic connection with (not all) men. Whereas with females its always been physical then emotional and romantic attraction. I still wouldn't discriminate when it comes to comfort snuggles/cuddles, my mind can cuddle (in reality Im not a hugger but can't let go if I like you) anyone not gender specific.
    I think I just confused myself, so I hope I helped you out at least a little.
    Your not alone this world of feelings is at times mindbogglingly fun and needs dissection and instructions.
    All that being said, have fun and stay safe ;) 

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